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It is a fact that millions of people with heart failure worldwide have difficulty meeting their exercise requirements. Although known as an effective form of exercise in the recovery process of heart failure patients, methods such as yoga have not been widely adopted. This is due to factors such as economic constraints and the overload of health professionals.

There is also a lack of suitable alternatives for individuals who do not have the means to exercise. Despite the documented benefits of physical activity and relaxation techniques in the management of chronic diseases, the number of patients who do not adopt or regularly practice these strategies is high. The reasons behind this include lack of awareness, accessibility issues, economic and time constraints, and lack of specialized guidance.

As a solution, CorPal offers a real-time body tracking module developed with artificial intelligence. This module offers personalized, accessible exercise and relaxation routines tailored to individual needs. This technology removes barriers such as cost, accessibility and physical limitations, making it easier for patients with chronic diseases to engage in consistently beneficial practices.

Through this project, CorPal's goal is to improve the quality of life of heart failure patients and reduce the risk of hospitalization. The project reflects CorPal's commitment to using technology to help patients with different disabilities live a healthier life.

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